Pollen data from northern Taiwan

In der neuen Arbeit von Wang et al., Climate changes inferred from integrated multi-site pollen data in northern Taiwan (Abstract), werden fossile Pollendaten von "10 lake sediments and 2 land cores" zusammengefasst, um "the alteration of forest covered areas in northern Taiwan with changes in humidity and temperature over the last 2000 years" zu verbinden.

Zur MWP äußern sich die Forscher wie folgt:
Our results suggested hat the climate in northern Taiwan was stably cool and dry during 2000-1000 cal. yr BP, but changed to wet and warm during 1000-500 cal. yr BP, which corresponded to the Medieval Warm Period (MWP). In addition, an increased density and dispersal of Tsuga pollen corresponding to 500-200 cal. yr BP was observed, which corresponded to the Little Ice Age (LIA).

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