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2012 und die MWP

Vor kurzem haben Ljungqvist et al. ihr Paper Northern Hemisphere temperature patterns in the last 12 centuries veröffentlicht.
Aus dem Abstract:
We analyse the spatio-temporal patterns of temperature variability over Northern Hemisphere land areas, on centennial time-scales, for the last 12 centuries using an unprecedentedly large network of temperature-sensitive proxy records
Sie kommen dabei auf Seite 231f zum Schluss:
Temperatures from the 9th to 12th centuries are generally above the long-term mean, gradually cooling to below the mean in teh 16th to 19th centuries and reaching a maximum cooling in the 17th century. ... The dominance of warm anomalies during the MWP and cold anomalies during the LIA is substantiated by results from the sign test (Fig. B1) that shows where and when there is significant aggreemant between the sign, positive or negatvie,o f the proxies within their search radius (for more details see Appendix B).
Wiederum wenig überraschend. Überraschend für mich ist ehe…