10. März 2011

A-2000-year record of monsoonal climate/China

Aus dem Abstract:
A 7-cm long aragonite stalagmite, FR0510-1, from Furong Cave, Chongqing, was dated by 210Pb and 230Th methods, revealing a-2000-year record of climate history under the influence of the East Asian Monsoon. [...]
During the past 2000 years, climate in Chongqing was realtively wet in the intervals of 50 BC-AD 250, AD 1150-1450 and AD 1600-1950, and relatively dry during the periods of AD 250-1150 and AD 1450-1600. Dry conditions were prevailing over the Medieval Warm Period, whereas wet climates were dominant during the most time of the Little Ice Age in Chongqing area.