A regional climate simulation over the Iberian Peninsula

Gómez-Navarro et al. veröffentlichten letztens auf clim-past.net eine interessante Studie mit dem Titel A regional climate simulation over the Iberian Peninsula for the last millennium (Pdf-Format, 10 MB).

Aus dem Abstract erfahren wir, was gemacht wurde:
A high-resolution (30km) regional paleoclimate simulation of the last millennium over the Iberian Peninsula (IP) is presented, The simulation was performed with a climate version of the mesoscale model MM5 driven by the global model ECHO-G. Both models were driven by the same reconstructions of several external forcing factors. The high spatial resolution of the regional model allows climatologists to realistically simulate many aspects of the climate in the IP, as compared to an observatorial data set in the reverence period 1961-1990.

Interessant hierbei erstens die Analyse der SAT-Serie auf Seite 464 und zweitens die generelle Konklusion auf Seite 469:
In the SAT series (upper panels of Fig. 11), we may identify a warm initial condition, followed by a cold period which roughly covers 1400-1850, and ends with a warm trend which continues until the end of the simulations. These warm/cold periods match well with respective historical periods that are relatively well documented in other parts of the world and commonly denominated as the Medieval Warm Period and the LIA.
In particular, the models are able to simulate the LIA and the Medieval Optimum as a direct response to radiation forcing.

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